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Our focus

Cath Moran ecological concentrates on work that involves the development and use of reliable knowledge to inform action.


Collaboration and partnership are key themes in our work.


Themes in current projects include:


  • climate change impact assessment and adaptation options for multiple sectors

  • ecological restoration strategies and methods

  • patterns and drivers of landscape ecology

  • Traditional Owners' aspirations for land and sea Country





Cath headshot 2019_2.jpg
Cath Moran

Cath has a PhD in conservation ecology and has a passion for facilitating the development and use of knowledge to manage resilient landscapes and communities.

Cath has extensive applied research and planning experience in biodiversity conservation, climate change impacts and adaptation and ecological restoration and is skilled in the strategic analysis and interpretation of data and action options.

Specialist services

  • climate change impact assessment and use of projections

  • climate adaptation planning

  • management of cross-disciplinary knowledge partnerships

  • co-operative research and knowledge development

  • strategic planning

  • participatory engagement

  • report and scientific manuscript preparation

  • science communications

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