Our focus

Cath Moran ecological concentrates on work that involves the development of reliable knowledge and its application to informed action. Collaboration and partnership are key themes in our work.


Work undertaken by Cath Moran ecological emphasises evidence-based, strategic approaches to decision-making and planning.

Themes in current projects include:


  • climate change impact assessment and adaptation options for multiple sectors

  • ecological restoration strategies and methods

  • patterns and drivers of landscape use by wildlife

  • governance and management arrangements to enable Traditional Owner aspirations for land and sea Country

  • understanding, maintaining and restoring ecological processes





Cath Moran

Cath has a PhD in conservation ecology and has a particular passion for facilitating the development and application of knowledge to managing resilient landscapes and communities.

Cath has extensive applied research and planning experience in biodiversity conservation, climate change impacts and adaptation and ecological restoration and is skilled in the strategic analysis and interpretation of data and action options.

Cath has also worked in several extension roles and has spent hundreds of days on Country with land owners and managers, identifying plants and animals, discussing governance and management aspirations and issues, listening to concerns and queries, and linking people with support networks.


Cath is comfortable engaging in a wide variety of situations, including at international scientific conferences, in high-level government or Traditional Owner meetings, with Indigenous Ranger groups, in project teams, in community-based meetings, and with tertiary, secondary and primary students.

Specialist services

  • field research, including systematic survey techniques and sampling design for terrestrial plants, animals and ecosystems

  • field identification, especially birds; rainforest seeds; flying foxes

  • climate change impact assessment and use of projections

  • climate adaptation planning

  • management of complex, cross-disciplinary knowledge partnerships

  • co-operative research and knowledge development

  • use of inclusive, participatory processes to bring diverse people and knowledge systems together

  • consultation design

  • data handling and analysis

  • report and scientific manuscript preparation

  • science communications

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