Coastal hazards adaptation planning in Pormpuraaw Shire

Coastal communities around the world are already experiencing impacts from climate change, including rising sea levels. Pormpuraaw Shire is situated on the Gulf of Carpentaria on the western side of Cape York Peninsula. Various Kuuk Thaayorre Traditional Land Owners hold connections to the town and surrounding land and sea country. Much of the land area is low-lying (<ca. 5m above sea level) and already subject to prolonged inundation from heavy rainfall during the wet season. In this project, we work with RAIN Pty Ltd, Cape York NRM and the Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council (PASC) to assess risks from sea level rise, storm tide and coastal erosion to built assets as well as biocultural values. This work satisfied Phase 2 of the Queensland Government’s QCoast2100 program.

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